Our Buildings


We offer a full range of agricultural buildings. Each of these buildings can be built to our customers own specifications. Turnkey buildings are also available for each application. 

Agriculture building

Heated Storage

Post or stud frame, lined and insulated buildings.

Key Advantages

  • heated work space for winter
  • keep your equipment inside and away from the elements
  • the straight walls allow you to maximize your space by parking tight against the wall
  • metal cladding gives you next to no maintenance
  • add a large bi-fold door to maximize your entry space


  • bi-fold door
  • overhead door
  • perforated ceiling
  • overhang around building
  • window options

Turnkey operations are available if you don’t have the time to oversee the project

Maintain the highest equipment value with a heated building.

Cold Storage Building

Post or stud frame cold storage buildings.

Key Advantages

  • keep your farm equipment inside and out of the elements
  • the straight walls allow you to maximize your storage space by parking equipment or storing items against straight walls
  • metal cladding gives you next to no maintenance


  • bi-fold doors
  • overhead doors
  • sliding doors
  • overhang around building
  • window options
  • clear or smoked polycarbonate sheet to let in natural light

Livestock Shelters/Post Frame Barns

Custom built livestock shelters/pole barns for almost any livestock applications. Talk to us about our research working with various livestock farmers across North America. Lean on our expertise and design knowledge to create the right shelter for your operation.

Key Advantages

  • keep your livestock sheltered from the hot sun, cold winds, and blizzard conditions. Also creates an easy handling environment
  • these open concept livestock shelters allow for easy cleaning and next to no maintenance
  • 5’ kick guard to protect your livestock shelter from damage
  • customizable design for extremely simple, to very complex building types from automated dairy operations to simple shelters

Hay Shelters

Hay shelters can be an extremely cost effective way to prolong the usability of hay bales for your livestock operation. It is important to consider construction materials for these applications, so consult with us first before shopping around so we can arm you with the questions to ask. The cheapest building material isn’t always the best when it comes to a structure that is largely open to elements.

Key Advantages

  • hay is an important investment for all livestock operations and should be stored in a way that maximizes your palatability and efficiency
  • storing hay inside a permanent shelter is an excellent option for commercial livestock hay operations
  • hay shelters prevent many negative effects of weathering and keeps product dry
  • park equipment in hay shelters for storage if needed

Grain & vegetable storage

These buildings are constructed for the purpose of storing your crops, but are also perfect for equipment storage when emptied. A skirt inside the building allows grain to be piled high, without having to try and clear it out from in between posts. 

Riding arenas

Riding arenas come in many shapes and sizes. Depending on your goals, there are many considerations to make such as trailer storage, number of stables, ability to add on easily, and much more. Contact us to explore the possibilities and to make your equestrian riding arena a reality.